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Textbook Orders 2017-18 Semester 1

2017-18 Semester 1 Schedule

May 2 Deadline for orders
Jul 10 Students will be given book lists
Early Jul BookHaven to update module leaders on stock levels
As delivered Desk copies will be available
Early Aug Course texts will be on reserve in the Library

Please use the form below to submit the textbooks you will be using in your courses.

Required texts – students will be required to own. This requirement must be clearly stated in the course syllabus. Faculty are advised to check with the publishers if the titles are available and not out-of-print.

Supplementary texts – books, and other materials that are useful for the course but that students are not required to own.

Audio-visual materials – any films or supporting materials required for the teaching of the course.

Click here to download Desk Copies guidelines.

Bookstore Stocks

BookHaven will stock the books designated as required in the form below. The number of books stocked will be based on the estimated enrollment and the availability of the book. 5%-15% of the estimated enrollment number will be ordered for books that are readily available through Amazon and other booksellers. Orders for harder to get books will be for a higher percentage. Book lists will be made available to students at least six weeks prior to the start of each semester.

Please contact BookHaven directly at copcp1@nus.edu.sg should you have any queries on bookstore stocks.

Desk Copies

The Dean of Faculty’s office will provide one desk copy of all required texts to each instructor, provided that the instructor has not previously received a desk copy of the same text.

Course Facilitators, when placing desk copy orders on behalf of teaching group, please indicate the instructors’ name under “remarks”.

Please contact your respective Division Admin Team Executive should you have any queries on desk copies.

Humanities – Jessie Wong (jess.w@yale-nus.edu.sg)

Science – Suhana Sulaiman (suhana.sulaiman@yale-nus.edu.sg)

Social Sciences – Victoria Poon (victoria.poon@yale-nus.edu.sg)

Library RBR (Reserve Books/Readings)

The Library will acquire both required and supplementary texts for the Yale-NUS Library’s RBR. Where available, the electronic version of a text will be purchased.

Please contact the Library Team at library@yale-nus.edu.sg should you have any queries on course reserves.

Online Book List for students

Please note that an online book list for the students will be generated from this system at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Thus, Faculty needs to list your required texts titles in the system even though you may not need to purchase a desk copy.

Note: The textbook ordering system will be updated with newly approved modules every Tuesday.

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